Alghero, the Alguer in Catalan, is an Italian city of 43 974 inhabitants in the province of Sassari, Sardinia.

It is also known as the little Barcelona, Barceloneta, precisely because it has retained Catalan use as an “native dialect”.
Among other things, Alghero is the seat of a delegation of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the regional government of Catalunya.

The city, more precisely the Fertilia airport, guarantees one of the main entrance ports of the island of Sardinia
It is the capital of the Riviera del Corallo, a name derived from the fact that in the waters of its work there is the largest quantity of the precious red coral of the most precious quality, caught by coral divers, activities that by working and selling, for centuries Has had a great deal of economic and cultural significance, so much that a coral branch is inserted in the coat of arms of the city.
Alghero owes much of its fortune to tourism, in fact the strong tourist vocation has made it one of the most desirable destinations on the island.

From the cultural point of view, Alghero has many archaeological sites and places of interest.
At university level is the third strength of Sardinia after Sassari and Cagliari, with the headquarters of the Department of Architecture, Design and Urbanism at the University of Sassari. It is also home to the School for Foreigners of Italian Language and Culture in Alghero.

Buying a home in Alghero means being able to live in the tranquility of a well-structured man-made city and having natural beauty at walking distance as well as Fertilia Airport for any shifts.